Collection: Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Unveiling Fabulive's revolutionary micro ring extensions—a superb fusion of luxury and versatility, diligently designed to effortlessly elevate your style! Crafted from premium Brazilian hair, these extensions boast silky-straight strands that blend with your natural hair perfectly. With lengths ranging from 14 to 24 inches, our machine-made Remy extensions offer the perfect combination of length and volume for any desired look.

Experience the freedom to express yourself, as these extensions can be dyed, washed, curled, and straightened without heat, glue, or harm. Bid farewell to traditional methods with our micro link hair extensions, featuring micro links that ensure a secure and comfortable fit without causing damage to your hair. Embrace the convenience of microbead extensions—an effortlessly lightweight and wise solution for added volume and length. Dive into the versatility of tip hair extensions, for a flawless finish.

With Fabulive's micro links, discover your charm and confidently transform your look. Say no to ordinary—choose Fabulive and indulge in the ultimate luxury and style with our micro ring extensions today!