Collection: Hair Extensions

Our team of experts at Fabulive has curated the finest collection of hair extensions crafted from 100% Real Human Hair ethically sourced from ‘young donors’ around the globe. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we offer supreme quality extensions compared to the available options, delivering matchless lengths from 14-26 inches and maximum volume to your locks. With a variety of extensions- Tape, Clip, Ponytail, Hair Buns, or Hair Bangs- all available in natural tones, you'll find the perfect shade to match your unique style, all at “most competitive prices” around the globe won't “break the bank.” An excellent value for money indeed.

At Fabulive, we believe in no compromises when it comes to quality. That's why our extensions offer semi-permanent and non-permanent solutions so you can easily switch up your look. Our Remy Hair extensions are lightweight and luxurious, “seamlessly blending” with your natural hair. We offer All from a basic, classy range of premium quality extensions to funky color strands and tinsels. Whether you prefer straight and sleek or bouncy curls, our extensions help you style to your heart's desire and are suitable for all ages.  With simple yet proper care, they last up to 12 months, even longer, ensuring long-lasting fabulousness. Indulge in the Fabulive experience and transform your hair into a “masterpiece”. Don't settle for anything less than Fabulive quality – join the ranks of satisfied customers who swear by our luxurious extensions. Shop now and discover the secret to hair that “turns heads” wherever you go.

Our company promises swift delivery, hassle-free payment methods, and authenticity. Don't miss out—choose Fabulive for a seamless blend of luxury and convenience. Step into the spotlight and let your hair shine with confidence today!