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About Fabulive

Perhaps it won’t be a hyperbole to say that finding a top-notch place among the innumerable options available in the virtual world, where you can find all the things from the makeup tutorials to beauty products, is just like looking for a needle in a haystack. Having said this it is important to tell you that now you no more need to look for the perfect beauty platform as you have reached one.

Makeup industry has grown tremendously in the past few decades. Today, you can find a vast variety of beauty cosmetic products, accessories, skin care products, and many other things online in an effortless manner. However, this tremendous growth has also made it difficult for the customers like you to select a platform that offers you the best makeup products at an affordable price.

Fabulive is the first unique live streaming platform that allows you to get in touch with the highly experienced makeup artists via the makeup tutorials as well as offers you a plethora of cosmetics and skin care beauty products at a price that ensures you do not end up spending a fortune on it. You can find here some of the finest makeup items available at discounts, which you cannot find somewhere else.

Whether it is a branded product or a non-branded cosmetic product, you can find all this under one roof here at Fabulive. The skin and beauty product that you can pick from here have the potential to improve your looks and boost up your confidence in yourself. In addition to this, you can also look for the amazing makeup videos offered by beauty experts who can guide you in using all the makeup items in the best way possible.

What makes Fabulive the best?

There are many attributes of Fabulive that makes it the best option for you, but here only some of these have been highlighted and these are:

Never compromises with quality

The one thing that makes Fabulive stand out from the other beauty platforms is that this is the place where quality is never compromised. Here, we do not promote any product or brand that we think is not worthy for you to use. You will never find a product here which is of bad quality and damages your skin.


Our credibility lies in the fact that we offer you information about different beauty and makeup products in an unbiased way. The makeup tutorials available here are such that it compiles all the information related to a product and keeps you informed about its pros and cons. The tutorials are offered by highly experienced beauty professionals tell you how to use a product.


Here, all the beauty items available in the different categories carry a price tag that doesn’t hurt your pocket. You can also look for discounts and other offers on all the things provided here. This way you get to buy highly popular beauty products at the best online price. Furthermore, you will receive the delivery of the products within the stipulated time.