Swoon-Worthy Gossip Girl Reboot Hairstyles to Try ASAP

When we reminisce about TV hairstyles that have rocked our world, the iconic Gossip Girl characters instantly come to mind. Blair Waldorf’s preppy headbands and Serena Van der Woodsen’s effortless beachy waves are still fashion gold. But hold onto your hairbrushes, because the Gossip Girl reboot is here, and it's serving up even more swoon-worthy styles!

The new Gossip Girl cast is a dazzling mix of personalities and hair types, giving us a buffet of hairspiration. From Zoya’s stunning curls to Audrey’s laid-back waves, these stylish highschoolers are the new trendsetters. You might not be an Upper East Side elite, but who says you can't have their fabulous hair?

Dive into our top 16 Gossip Girl reboot hairstyles that are guaranteed to become your next hair goals. Pin these looks to your Pinterest board and get ready to slay!

Julien Calloway’s Buzzcut

A buzzcut might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s certainly a look fit for the school’s top trendsetter! Julien’s look is definitely one of the boldest Gossip Girl reboot hairstyles. The low-maintenance style is perfect for a brave baddie who doesn’t mind being the center of attention. Complete the statement look with sexy, sparkly eye makeup like Julien’s. This daring cut not only screams confidence but also showcases your facial features, letting you shine even more.

Zoya Lott’s Natural Curls

Zoya Lott serves up tons of hair inspiration this season, but she’s definitely known for embracing her natural curls. If you have curly hair, achieving this look is as simple as a wash-and-go. To add some extra length and volume to your natural curls, blend in a curly ponytail extension. If your curls are looking a little too frizzy, you can use the Luxy Signature Curler to define some of the pieces. Zoya’s curls are all about celebrating texture and volume, giving you that effortless yet polished look.

Audrey’s Flawless Waves

Audrey definitely reminds us of Blair, but her hair is giving us major Serena vibes. The Brigitte Bardot-inspired look can be achieved by sectioning your hair off and wrapping each piece around the Luxy Signature Hair Curler. Once your hair is curled, brush out the curls for soft, dreamy waves like Audrey’s. We have a feeling this look will be one of the most copied Gossip Girl reboot hairstyles. These relaxed waves are perfect for any occasion, from a casual day out to a glamorous night event.

Monet de Haan’s Signature Twists

Spotting queen-bee Monet strutting through the halls of Constance is easy, especially when she’s flaunting her iconic signature twists. Monet styles her twists in a myriad of fabulous ways, but one of her favorites is the chic half-up, half-down look. This timeless hairstyle marries two classics: twists, which have been a beloved, protective, heat-free style for centuries, and the half-up, half-down, a perpetual go-to. Monet’s genius combo of these styles creates a look that’s not just adorable but also protective for your tresses

Zoya’s Space Buns

Zoya’s braided space buns are the epitome of playful chic. This fun twist on the half-up, half-down hairstyle is perfect for when you want to stand out. To recreate this look, divide the top half of your hair into two sections, french braid each section, then twist the ends into mini buns. Secure them with bobby pins or Luxy Gravity Defying Hair Ties, and voila! You’ve got a look that’s anything but basic. This versatile style shines on curly, straight, or wavy hair, proving that Zoya’s hair game is always on point.

Luna’s Half-Up, Half-Down

No matter your hair type—long, short, curly, or straight—the half-up, half-down style is your ticket to effortless elegance. To channel Luna’s effortlessly sexy vibe, pull out some face-framing pieces. Need a bit more volume? Clip-in hair extensions are your best friend, adding natural-looking length and thickness to your mane. This look is ideal for any occasion, from casual outings to glam events, making it a must-try Gossip Girl reboot hairstyle.

Audrey Hope’s Chic Ponytail

Hold on to your headbands, folks, because Audrey Hope just redefined high school fabulous! Picture this: a ponytail so elegantly curled and flanked by the flirtiest fringe, it practically struts down the hallways. Want to steal Audrey’s effortlessly chic vibe? Easy-peasy! Just grab a Luxy clip-in pony extension, and voila! You've got a hairstyle that's totally Gossip Girl-approved and DIY-friendly. Whether you're ruling the school or just rocking your daily look, Audrey’s ponytail is your ticket to ultimate glam.

Zoya’s Curly Bun

Say hello to Zoya, the queen of the second-day hairstyle! Embracing her natural curls, Zoya’s messy bun is the epitome of relaxed chic. Here’s the scoop: scoop up those lovely curls into a bun and let a few face-framing pieces escape for that perfectly lived-in look. But wait, there's more! Transform this casual style into a next-level bun with a Luxy curly clip-in ponytail. Just wrap it into the bun, and you're golden. New to the world of ponytail extensions? Don’t sweat it! Our Ponytail Extensions Guide will have you styling like a pro in no time. This curly bun is a must-have for every curly-haired Gossip Girl in training.

Luna’s Sleek Blowout

Brace yourselves for Luna’s sleek, shiny blowout that’s pure hair magic! This bouncy, luscious style is everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Want to nail that fresh-from-the-salon look? Start by blow-drying your hair, then set it in velcro rollers. The secret to Luna-level shine? A touch of hair oil worked through your tresses. Whether you're headed to a swanky soirée or just out to grab coffee, a good blowout is your best friend. Luna’s got us all in a spin with this effortlessly glamorous style that’s perfect for any occasion.

Zoya’s Sexy Pixie Cut

Is there any hairstyle Zoya can’t rock? We don’t think so! This season, she’s making bold moves with a textured pixie cut that frames her face like a masterpiece. The real beauty of this low-maintenance ‘do? You’ll save precious minutes every morning, giving you extra time to put together that killer outfit. Zoya’s pixie is a testament to her fearless fashion sense and it’s a style we’re absolutely swooning over.

Luna Goes Blonde

Brace yourselves for Luna’s jaw-dropping hair transformation! Trading her luscious brunette locks for a daring platinum blonde, Luna is serving up major style goals. The switch from dark to light is nothing short of stunning! If you’re contemplating a leap to the blonde side, we’ve got the tips to keep your hair healthy and vibrant. Luna’s bold move is the ultimate inspiration for anyone looking to make a striking change.

Monet de Haan’s Voluminous Blowout

Meet Monet, the girl who masters both ends of the hairstyle spectrum. Known for her signature twists, she surprises everyone with a sleek, waist-length blowout that screams volume and glamour. Want to achieve Monet-level hair? Add Luxy clip-in hair extensions for that extra oomph. Whether she's flaunting twists or this luxurious blowout, Monet’s hair game is always on point, proving she can rock any style with ease.

Zoya’s Waist-Length Braid

Ready to make a bold statement with your hair? Take a page from Zoya’s style book with her stunning waist-length braid. This isn't just any braid; it’s an extra-long, power ponytail that turns heads. Zoya adds a touch of glam by adorning her XXL braid with gold hair jewelry, creating an Instagram-worthy look that screams elegance and creativity. Whether you’re heading to a festival or just want to elevate your everyday style, this braid is your ticket to instant chic.

Luna’s Effortless Ponytail

Who said ponytails are just for the gym? Luna’s effortless ponytail proves that this humble hairstyle can be incredibly chic and versatile. The secret? Texture, texture, texture! Embrace your natural waves or create soft waves with a curling iron for that perfect, laid-back vibe. For an added touch of sophistication, pair your ponytail with dangly earrings, just like Luna does. This simple trick transforms your look from daytime casual to nighttime fabulous, making the ponytail a go-to style for any occasion.

Audrey’s Halo Hair

We can’t get enough of Audrey’s romantic updo – the halo braid. Perfect for a special occasion, this Renaissance-inspired style is both elegant and modern, thanks to Audrey’s curtain bangs. The soft bangs frame her face beautifully, adding a contemporary twist to the classic updo. Paired with a statement dress and simple makeup, Audrey’s halo braid is a dreamy look that’s sure to make you feel like a star. Ready to recreate this stunning style? It’s the perfect way to add a touch of romance to your ensemble.

Zoya’s Headband

Channel your inner Blair Waldorf with Zoya’s chic satin headband. This accessory is the epitome of effortless style, instantly spicing up loose hair with zero effort. Whether you’re in a rush or just want to add a fashionable touch to your look, a satin headband is your best friend. Perfect for the girl on the go, it’s a quick way to elevate your hairstyle and keep things looking polished and put together.

Gossip Girl continues to be the ultimate source for hair, beauty, and fashion inspiration. From Zoya’s statement braid to Luna’s effortless ponytail and Audrey’s romantic halo hair, there’s a look for every mood and occasion. As we eagerly await future seasons, one question remains: Which character’s style speaks to you the most? Will you dare to try Julien’s bold cut, or keep it classy like Luna with a sleek, bouncy blowout? Whichever you choose, these Gossip Girl-inspired styles are sure to keep you looking fabulous.

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