The Magic Behind Ariana Grande's Iconic High Ponytail

It was almost as much about Ariana Grande's unique style as it was about the songs that led her to become a worldwide pop icon. Her distinctive style, which has changed over time, fuses elements of contemporary fashion with glitzy old Hollywood components to create a singular look that appeals to admirers everywhere.

The oversized sweaters and the high ponytail: Ariana's high ponytail evolved from a simple hairdo to a representation of her brand. She created a fashionable and cozy look by pairing this with big sweaters, which she frequently wore as dresses with thigh-high boots. Her admirers were moved by this combination, and young ladies began to copy her look.

Impact and Influence: Ariana's style has greatly influenced fashion trends, particularly for younger girls. She has become a style hero for a generation thanks to her praiseworthy ability to combine high design with approachable streetwear. Her impact goes beyond what she wears; her makeup, especially her neutral lip shades and winged eyeliner, has gained a lot of popularity.

The Rise of Ariana Grande's Signature Style

Pop phenomenon and style icon Ariana Grande is now widely associated with the high ponytail hairstyle. Her easy elegance with this haircut has become synonymous with her as much as her sound. Despite its seeming simplicity, this look frequently necessitates the use of hair extensions, which is evidence of the hidden work that goes into celebrity styling.

Understanding Hair Extensions in Celebrity Fashion

Hair extensions provide volume, texture, and the freedom to try different styles without permanently altering one's original hair. They are not just for lengthening hair. Extensions give celebrities, whose look is always in the spotlight, a flexible tool to quickly adjust to different styles and trends. This is best illustrated by Ariana Grande's usage of extensions to produce her distinctive high ponytail, which she wears while preserving her original hair.

Types of Extensions Used by Celebrities

There are several types of hair extensions, each offering different benefits:

  • Clip-In Extensions: Well-liked for their versatility and ease of use, these extensions are perfect for quick style adjustments, such as a high ponytail.
  • Tape-In Extensions: Known for their seamless integration into the hair, these provide a more permanent option and are frequently used for volume.
  • Keratin Bond Extensions: renowned for their smooth blending and longevity, these offer a long-term solution.
  • Micro-Link Extensions: These are preferred because of their natural appearance and damage-free application.

The Process of Creating the Perfect High Ponytail

It takes skill and the correct hair products to create the ideal high ponytail, similar to the classic look that Ariana Grande has worn for years. Even though it looks easy, there are stages involved in getting this hairstyle's sleek, voluminous effect. Here's how to replicate Ariana Grande's well-known high ponytail step-by-step:

  1. Style Your Hair

First things first, make sure your hair is thoroughly dry and clean. It can be difficult for freshly washed hair to stay in place because it is too soft and slick.

Use a Heat Protectant: To reduce damage, use a heat protectant prior to utilizing any heat styling tools.

  1. Add Volume

Curl for Texture: To give your hair some waves, use a curling iron. The goal of this phase is to create texture and volume rather than flawless curls.

Tease the Foundation: Backcomb your hair gently at the top of your head. This gives the ponytail more volume and makes it stick out more.

  1. Section the Hair 

Divide and Conquer the Hair Section: Separate the top and bottom layers of your hair. Cut off the upper portion. This method gives the ponytail more sleekness and aids in better hair management.

  1. Make a base Ponytail

Tie Up the Bottom portion: Gather the bottom portion at the top of your head into a tight, high ponytail, and fasten it with a hair tie. This will serve as your ponytail's foundation.

  1. Add the top Portion

Mix and Smooth: Make sure the top part blends in perfectly with the base ponytail by unclipping and smoothing it back. For a smooth finish, use a brush. Use a second hair tie to secure it, or combine it with the original ponytail.

  1. Keep the hair ties hidden

Wrap Hair Around the Base: To hide the hair ties, take a tiny strand of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the base. Underneath the ponytail, fasten the end with a bobby pin.

  1. Use (Optional) Hair Extensions

Add Hair Extensions for Length and Volume: If your hair isn't thick or long naturally, you might want to think about getting some. Blend them in with your natural hair by clipping them around the base of your ponytail.

  1. Concluding Notes

Stealthy Flyaways: To achieve a finished look, smooth down any flyaways with a fine-tooth comb or a brush dampened with hairspray slightly.

Last Hairspray Spray: To secure the look, give the hairstyle one last shot of hairspray.

  1. Personalize Your Hairstyle

Try Different Waves and Curls: You can straighten your ponytail for a more polished appearance on certain occasions, or you can curl it for a more glitzy, voluminous impression.

  1. Maintenance

Touch-ups: To maintain the ponytail high and tight throughout the day, you may need to smooth down flyaways or retighten the hair tie.

Technique and creativity are combined to create Ariana Grande's flawless high ponytail. You can get a glossy, sleek ponytail that makes a big fashion statement with patience and practice, even though it can take a few tries to master.

The Influence of Ariana Grande’s Hairstyle

In addition to making the high ponytail iconic, Ariana's constant use of it has shaped worldwide fashion trends. This look demonstrates the power celebrities have in establishing beauty trends and is frequently imitated by fans and fashion aficionados. Her decision to wear hair extensions has also raised awareness of its adaptability and style capabilities.

Evolution of the Ponytail

Like Grande herself, the ponytail has changed over time. Every variation—from voluminous and wavy to sleek and straight—has matched her ensembles and the events. Her ponytail has evolved into a distinctive trademark that both fans and fashion observers instantly identify with her.

The Signature Look: A Blend of Comfort and Style

Ariana's ponytail is just one aspect of her distinctive look. She is renowned for wearing it with thigh-high boots, huge sweatshirts worn as gowns, and a subtle makeup look with winged eyeliner and natural lips. In the sometimes awkward realm of celebrity fashion, this combination represents a distinctive fusion of high design and comfort, making a statement all by itself.

Impact on Fashion and Pop Culture

Grande's personal style has had a big influence on pop culture and fashion. A number of young ladies have been influenced by her appearance to adopt her high ponytail and large sweaters. Her impact can be observed in the emergence of casual yet stylish apparel brands and in the resurgence of interest in hairstyles and accessories.

Caring for Hair Extensions

Celebrities like Ariana Grande have shown that maintaining hair extensions is essential to their durability and look. This entails frequent salon visits for corrections, mild style, and the use of appropriate hair care products. The smooth integration of the extensions with the original hair is guaranteed by regular upkeep.

The Cost Factor in High-End Hair Extensions

The type of extension, the condition of the hair, and the stylist's experience all have a big impact on how much hair extensions cost. Because of the value placed on their public persona and the expectation that they always look their best, celebrities frequently choose the finest quality extensions, which are more expensive.

Ethical Considerations in the Hair Extension Industry

The growing market for premium hair extensions has elevated ethical sourcing to a higher level of importance. Ethical sourcing guarantees that the hair is sourced fairly and with respect—a factor that ethically conscious celebrities and stylists are beginning to take into account.

Fashion Collaborations and Influence

Ariana's influence on fashion has brought her partnerships with a range of apparel and cosmetic companies, solidifying her position as a style star. Her collaborations frequently mirror her personal aesthetic, fusing beauty and approachability so that admirers can steal bits of her appearance for their own wardrobes.

The Future of Hair Extensions in Celebrity Fashion

The use of hair extensions in celebrity style will change along with the trends in both fashion and beauty. Hair extensions are expected to become more appealing and popular as a result of technological developments in application and a greater emphasis on moral behavior. These trends will continue to be influenced by celebrities like Ariana Grande, whose fashion choices are frequently imitated and closely observed.


In conclusion, hair extensions are now a necessary tool for celebrities like Ariana Grande to create classic hairstyles like the high ponytail. They are a mainstay in the repertory of celebrity beauty because of their capacity to change appearances and accommodate different trends. Hair extensions will continue to be a key component of celebrity styling as the industry develops due to technology breakthroughs and ethical sourcing, impacting global fashion and beauty trends.

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