Top Hair Color Trends of 2023

Get ready to slay the hair game with the hottest trends of the year! Fabulive's vibrant hair extensions are here to make you stand out in style. Embrace the playful colors that are taking the world by storm – think glossy, multidimensional hues that scream confidence!

Don't be afraid to unleash your inner trendsetter. Whether you're craving a subtle, natural look or a bold statement, we've got you covered. Our curated list of 24 must-try hair color trends will ignite your creativity and elevate your glam game.

It's time to shake things up and embrace change. Say goodbye to boring hair days and hello to endless possibilities. Kick-start the season with a fresh, new 'do that's bound to turn heads. Get ready to slay, darling – because fabulous hair is just a trend away!

Get ready to level up your hair game with these must-try trends:

  1. Holographic Hair: 

Shine bright like a CD with mesmerizing hues of blue, yellow, purple, and green. Start with a blonde base and let a skilled stylist work their magic to blend colors seamlessly. Trust us, the time in the salon chair will be worth it for this futuristic look. Pair it with a chic fishtail ponytail to showcase the stunning mix of colors.

  1. Rose Gold Hair:

Join the rose gold revolution! This pink-tinted hue is perfect for blondes or brunettes. Whether you opt for all-over color, highlights, or dip-dyed ends, you'll radiate summer vibes wherever you go.

  1. Peekaboo Highlights:

 Add a pop of color without the commitment. Our peekaboo hair extensions come in playful shades and are crafted from 100% Remy human hair, so you can style and curl them to perfection.

  1. Color Melting:

Blend multiple tones seamlessly from roots to tips for a fluid, irresistible look. Pair it with voluminous waves for ultimate glam.

  1. Watermelon Hair:

Dive into summer with this refreshing color combo reminiscent of juicy watermelon. Dare to stand out with this truly unique style that's as sweet as the fruit itself!

  1. Fiery Red: 

Make a bold statement with vivacious copper tones that scream confidence! Keep your fiery red locks vibrant with color-treated hair care products.

  1. Sandy Blonde:

Embrace elegance with a modern twist! Transform traditional sandy blonde into a chic, white/grey hue that exudes sophistication. Say goodbye to brassiness and hello to icy perfection with deep conditioning treatments or nourishing baobab oil.

  1. Geode Hair: 

Channel your inner gemstone with this mesmerizing amethyst to navy ombre. Unlike platinum hair, geode hair doesn't require bleach, making it a gentler option for your locks.

  1. Eclipting:

Get ready to eclipse the competition with this cutting-edge trend! Start with a darker base and strategically placed highlights to contour your face and accentuate your hair's cut. No need for a beauty blender – this trend speaks for itself!

  1. Smokey Lilac:

 Add a touch of mystery with smokey lilac hues ranging from deep grayish purple to pale lavender. This enchanting combination offers versatility, appearing subtle on darker hair and vibrant on lighter tones. For a summer-ready look, style your smokey lilac locks in a boho twist braid for effortless charm.

  1. Pastel Pink Hair: 

Embrace your inner goddess with soft pastel hues of pink, blue, and lilac. Perfect for a feminine touch, these dreamy shades pair effortlessly with a floral crown. Just be prepared to bleach your hair for that head-turning color!

  1. Strawberry Blonde:

Indulge in the juicy tones of apricot and peach with this flattering shade. Ideal for lighter skin tones, strawberry blonde adds a playful yet natural vibe to your look.

  1. Dip Dye:

Make a splash with this playful trend that gives the illusion of dipped-in dye. Say goodbye to awkward grow-out stages, especially if you rock a shorter, blunt cut. Check out summer hairstyles designed specifically for short to medium lengths to complement your vibrant locks.

  1. Balayage:

 Timeless and chic, balayage continues to reign supreme. Effortlessly blend highlights throughout your strands for dimensional beauty that's easy to maintain – no need to worry about root touch-ups!

  1. Soft Blonde:

Radiate elegance with delicate blonde hues that shimmer in the light. Babylights add a touch of sparkle, making this trend perfect for those with a feminine sense of style. Get ready to glow with this timeless, ultra-light color!

  1. Blorange:

 Blend the best of blonde and orange for a dreamy, vibrant look. This sunset peach hue is irresistible and perfect for summer vibes. Rock it with festival-inspired hairstyles for the ultimate fun look!

  1. Denim Hair: 

Channel your inner cool with this rich, denim-inspired hue. Not too vibrant yet far from pastel, denim hair is like slipping into your favorite pair of Levi’s – effortlessly stylish and oh-so-cool.

  1. Ombre:

Say hello to easy maintenance and goodbye to dreaded roots with this classic combo of dark roots and lighter ends. Discover why ombre hair is a must-try trend and prepare to be persuaded by its timeless appeal.

  1. Deep Eggplant:

Fall in love with the bold intensity of deep eggplant hair. This rich jewel tone adds depth and drama, especially for those with darker complexions.

  1. Streaks of Neon:

Dip your toes into the world of bold colors with neon streaks. Perfect for the adventurous souls seeking a pop of vivid color, this trend lets you express your daring side with just a few vibrant highlights.

  1. Gray: 

Embrace your natural gray or dye your hair gray for the hottest trend of the season. Keep it cool with purple shampoo to banish any brassiness and follow expert tips to maintain silky, shiny locks that radiate sophistication.

  1. Bronde:

 Elevate your chocolate brown locks with subtle blonde highlights for a sun-kissed summer glow. Say hello to bronde and watch your hair shimmer in the sunlight.

  1. Burgundy:

 Indulge in the warmth and richness of luxurious burgundy, reminiscent of your favorite Bordeaux. Perfect for fall, this color transition adds depth and elegance to your look as the seasons change.

  1. Amethyst Hair Color:

Add a pop of vibrancy with stunning amethyst roots, especially striking against platinum blonde hair. Not only does this style look amazing, but it also keeps your hair healthier by reducing the need for frequent bleaching. Ready to rock this trend? Let us know which hair color you're dying to try in the comments below!

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