Hair Trends in LA

Los Angeles is packed with sunny vibes and a bustling creative scene, not to mention those A-list celebs around every corner. The style here? Effortlessly chic, just like the city itself. Think ripped denim, vintage shades, and laid-back sandals – perfect for soaking up the SoCal sun. Celebs in LA? They're all about rocking bold prints, bright colors, and designer labels as they strut through Beverly Hills or Santa Monica.

When it comes to hairstyles, LA is all about versatility. Whether you're into messy beach waves or daring neon colors, there's a trend to suit every taste. Right now, it's all about that 60s volume, curtain bangs, 90s ponytails, and funky highlights. Just look at stars like Zendaya and Alexa Demie – they're totally nailing these fresh looks.

And hey, with festival season in full swing, why not shake up your own hair game? Try a cute bob or add some playful highlights. Take inspiration from LA's trendsetters – whether they're owning the red carpet or just chilling in the city, their hair is always on point.


Alexa Demie, best known for her role as Maddy Perez on Euphoria, rocks stunning retro hairstyles both on and off-screen. With her signature ‘60s volume and silver eyeshadow, she effortlessly channels vintage vibes. To achieve this look at home, all you need is some hairspray and velcro hair rollers. Simply secure the rollers at the root of your hair and roll forward towards your forehead. After letting them set, a light spritz of hairspray will lock in the volume.

For more iconic hairstyles from Euphoria, there's the zigzag hairband Maddy flaunted in Season 2, featuring teased hair in the back and a zigzag part in the front. She's also sported a chic beret with mermaid waves – easy to recreate with clip-in hair extensions and a few hair pins to secure the beret.


Looking to make a statement with your hair? Take a cue from Charli D’Amelio and go for some pink highlights. While she's famous for her dance moves on TikTok, her hair game is equally attention-grabbing. By adding pink highlights underneath her dark locks, she creates a playful peekaboo effect that's totally unique.

In case you're not familiar, highlights are streaks of color strategically placed underneath the top layer of hair, peeking out for a whimsical touch. They're a great way to spice up your natural hair, but keep in mind they might need regular maintenance to stay vibrant.

If you're tempted to try the look without the long-term commitment, check out our collection. With shades like bubblegum, lilac, and aquamarine, these clip-in highlights offer an instant color boost perfect for summer and festival season. Just clip them in and let your true colors shine! Plus, they come in easy-to-use sets for effortless application.


Reese Witherspoon seems to always have fabulous hair, doesn't she? The LA actress, producer, and book club founder effortlessly pulls off a variety of styles, from beachy waves to wispy bangs. She's even been known to switch up her signature blonde locks for a dark chocolate brown for a movie role. In this particular look, she's rocking a middle part with a relaxed, beachy texture that screams laid-back vibes.

To achieve Reese's beachy texture, try spritzing your hair with a sea salt or texturizing spray. Dry texturizing sprays work wonders for enhancing your natural texture and creating flawless waves without weighing your hair down or leaving it looking greasy. For a top-notch hair day, evenly apply the texturizing spray about six to eight inches away from your hair, using a circular motion. And if you really want to amp up the waves, try braiding your hair before bed for some extra oomph.


Money piece highlights are totally in vogue in LA right now. If you're after a subtle yet stylish change, these trendy highlights could be just the ticket. The idea behind money pieces is to dye the front strands of your hair a few shades lighter than the rest, instantly brightening up your face and accentuating your features. The best part? They complement all hair colors, whether you're rocking cool blondes or warm browns.

For some money piece inspo, check out TikTok influencer Tinx. With her witty commentary and effortless LA style, she's amassed over 1.5 million followers. In this photo, she adds some caramel blonde highlights to her brown locks, framing her face beautifully. Ready to give this trend a go? Head to the salon for a color switch-up and embrace your inner LA chic.


Zendaya never fails to stun with her fashion and hairstyles, and her sun-kissed box braids were no exception. When she shared a picture of them on Instagram, the internet went wild, with millions of likes pouring in within hours and praise from her Euphoria co-stars Hunter Schafer, Barbie Ferreira, and Alexa Demie. Zendaya rocked her braids with a center part for that ‘90s vibe, pairing them with radiant skin and a touch of lip balm. It's no surprise these braids are becoming a staple in LA.

If you're considering getting box braids, Zendaya's look is the perfect inspiration. This protective hairstyle is timeless, originally popularized by Janet Jackson in the '90s and recently seen on celebs like Zoe Kravitz and Beyoncé.

Before you book your salon appointment, it's essential to prep your hair. Treat your scalp and hair with a protein treatment and a moisture-rich conditioner beforehand. Deep condition for 10 to 15 minutes and use heat to ensure the product penetrates deeply. Then, decide on the size and thickness of your braids – smaller sections are best for a long-lasting style. On the day of your appointment, be prepared to spend a few hours in the stylist's chair. Bring along some snacks, podcasts, and a good book to keep you entertained.


Billie Eilish stole the spotlight at the 94th Academy Awards with her stunning jet-black bob, complete with flicked ends and sweeping bangs for that retro ‘60s flair. Pairing her chic locks with a matching ruffled black dress, she showed off her versatility as a style icon, breaking away from her signature blonde shag.

To recreate Billie's curled ‘60s bob, start by blow-drying your hair with a round barrel brush, rolling the ends inwards as you go. Once dry, use a straightener to secure the flipped ends and perfect the look. If you're digging the flicked ends but not ready to commit to a shorter bob, consider the Barbie ponytail – a favorite of Ariana Grande. This style features a high ponytail with curled ends and a side bang swoop, suitable for any hair type and occasion. For an extra sweet touch, add a ribbon or velvet scrunchie.


This year, curtain bangs are back in full force, drawing inspiration from the ‘70s with a modern twist. These versatile bangs feature shorter, textured strands that frame the face with a wispy, romantic charm. Parted down the middle and swept to each side, they effortlessly flatter all face shapes and hair types, whether straight, wavy, or curly. From Kelly Rowland to Hilary Duff, celebs everywhere are embracing these soft and swoopy bangs. Olivia recently showcased a stunning set of curtain bangs at a magazine shoot, pairing them with softly sweeping waves.

If you've been debating whether to take the plunge with bangs, consider this your sign! Curtain bangs are not only stylish but also low-maintenance. They look great at any length, meaning fewer trips to the salon for trims. Plus, you can achieve a beautiful look without relying on heat styling, making it a breeze to air dry your way to fabulous curtain bangs.


Thinking of embracing the summer breeze with a bold move? Follow in Demi Lovato's footsteps and consider shaving your head. The LA star recently flaunted a stunning buzz cut on their Instagram, describing it as a "fresh start" for the new year. This drastic transformation symbolizes a clean slate and can truly lift a weight off your shoulders. Plus, short styles like this can keep you feeling cool and comfortable during warmer months. Hair tends to trap heat, leading to more sweat, but with a shaved head, you'll enjoy a breath of fresh air.

Ready to go for the shaved look? Start with clean, dry hair and enlist a friend to help you with some clippers. Begin at the nape of your neck and work your way up to the center of the back of your head, gradually removing the hair until your head is fully shaved. Use the clippers to refine and perfect the look. For a polished finish, consider booking an appointment with your stylist for professional results.


Chrissy Teigen has been flaunting some seriously fabulous hairstyles lately, from effortless beachy waves to chic updos and textured bobs. But one look that really stole the show was her blunt bob earlier this year on Instagram. This sleek bob features sharply cut ends that perfectly frame her face, with a subtle curve for added elegance. Pairing it with a relaxed white dress, Chrissy effortlessly balanced the structured hairstyle with a laid-back vibe.

This neat, center-parted style is versatile enough to complement most hair textures, whether straight or curly. When styling your bob, don't forget to apply a heat protectant to the ends, especially under that SoCal sunshine. Not only will this protect your hair from damage, but it'll also help keep your ends looking fresh in between salon visits.


Kim Kardashian is turning heads once again with her mermaid-inspired hairstyle. The reality star and beauty mogul never shies away from experimenting with new trends, whether it's rocking platinum blonde or cotton candy-colored locks. But her mermaid mane might just be one of her most mesmerizing looks yet. With waves cascading down past her waist, it exudes a carefree, summery vibe that's both bohemian and glamorous – perfect for the summer season.

If your hair isn't quite as lengthy as Kim's, no worries! You can achieve that dreamy, full-bodied hair in just minutes with our clip-in extensions. Crafted from Remy human hair, they'll stay soft, shiny, and silky smooth for their entire lifetime, giving you that extra boost of confidence for any occasion.

Los Angeles is not just a city of stars and sunshine but also a trendsetter when it comes to hairstyles. From effortlessly chic street styles to bold celebrity looks, LA's hair scene offers something for everyone. Whether it's Zendaya's retro '60s volume or Demi Lovato's daring shaved head, the diversity of hairstyles reflects the city's vibrant and ever-evolving culture. So whether you're looking to rock beachy waves like Chrissy Teigen or channel your inner mermaid like Kim Kardashian, LA's hair trends are sure to inspire and elevate your look, making every day feel like a red carpet moment.

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