Loving Celebrity Man Buns

Lately, it seems like man buns are everywhere you look. Whether it’s due to limited access to hairdressers during lockdown or simply a resurgence of the trend, there’s been an undeniable rise in popularity for this long and shaggy hairstyle. While the man bun certainly has its loyal fans, not everyone is thrilled about its comeback.

Controversy has surrounded the man bun ever since it first gained popularity in the 2010s. Associated with hipster or slacker culture, the hairstyle has garnered its fair share of haters. It became synonymous with the Silicon Valley tech bro and was even parodied in TV shows like Black Mirror and Family Guy.

Despite the backlash, interest in men’s hairstyles has been steadily growing in recent years. In fact, internet searches for men’s locks have surpassed those for women’s hair by 6%. Queries like “how to grow a man bun” and “how to tie a man bun” are among the most common. For those of us who adore a well-executed man bun, the increase in long-haired hotties has us over the moon. The style offers a plethora of variations, from the sleek and sophisticated top knot to the rugged and messy low bun. There are even man bun and beard combos, as well as edgy spiked buns. We’re so enamored with the style that we’re introducing FABULIVE Hair Clip-in buns to help you achieve the look effortlessly.

Whether you’re seeking man bun inspiration or simply want to admire some long-haired cuties, we’ve compiled a list of the best celebrity man buns. These guys prove that the man bun is far from dead and can be rocked with confidence and style. So, if you’re ready to embrace the man bun craze or just want to appreciate some seriously handsome hairstyles, join us in celebrating this enduring trend.

Jason Momoa

Hunky Jason Momoa has left his mark in Hollywood with iconic roles in films like "Aquaman" and "Conan The Barbarian," not to mention his unforgettable portrayal of Khal Drogo in "Game of Thrones." Alongside his impressive acting chops, Momoa is known for his luscious locks, often seen tied up to keep them out of his face. He's even been spotted sporting a scrunchie around his wrist—an accessory choice that only adds to his charm. Here, Momoa rocks a man bun with effortless style, solidifying his status as the king of this timeless look.

Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell demonstrates that man buns come in all varieties with his unique undercut and bun combination. The undercut style features closely shaved sides, leaving the top layers unchanged. Farrell's adaptation, showcased back in 2013, features a small top knot at the crown of his head, perfectly balanced with just the right amount of hair left on top. Paired with a classic suit and tie, along with a subtle earring for added flair, Farrell effortlessly elevates the man bun to a sophisticated and stylish level.

A$AP Rocky

Rapper and producer A$AP Rocky proves that the man bun can be a versatile canvas for creativity. Here, he flaunts a braided man bun, elegantly tying his braids back to create a unique pony-bun hybrid look. Known for his contributions to hip-hop music and his collaborations with top fashion brands like Dior, Adidas, and Ferragamo, A$AP Rocky is always at the forefront of style—and his hair is no exception. With his braided bun, he adds a touch of urban edge and individuality to the classic hairstyle, showcasing the limitless possibilities of the man bun trend.

Jared Leto

Blue-eyed heartthrob Jared Leto effortlessly exudes coolness with a low, slicked-back man bun as he strolls down the street. Renowned for his roles in "My So-Called Life," "Fight Club," "Requiem For a Dream," and "Dallas Buyers Club," as well as his position as the lead singer of the band 30 Seconds to Mars, Leto is actually a pioneer of the man bun trend in Hollywood. He proves that a low man bun is a fantastic alternative to the traditional style, expressing a relaxed and carefree vibe perfect for more laid-back occasions. And let's not overlook his ability to make the fanny pack look incredibly cool.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Soccer sensation Cristiano Ronaldo scores major style points with his mini man bun, making waves both on and off the field. While Ronaldo typically likes to switch up his hairstyle, this look stands out as a winner. Sporting a small bun atop his head paired with an undercut, Ronaldo is ready for action, effortlessly merging athleticism with fashion. This style takes the man bun in a sporty direction, showcasing its versatility and appeal beyond the realm of Hollywood.

Harry Styles

Former One Direction heartthrob turned solo rock star, Harry Styles, takes the man bun to new heights—literally. His iconic man bun has become one of the most-Googled celebrity hairstyles of all time, with millions of internet searches dedicated to his locks. Styles has donned the style on multiple occasions, much to the delight of his legions of fans. In one memorable instance, he even tied up his hair onstage, causing a frenzy across the internet. Here, Styles flaunts his glorious curls in a classic man bun, cementing his status as a style icon and trendsetter in the world of men's fashion.

Brad Pitt

Witness the epitome of red carpet sophistication with Brad Pitt's flawless rendition of the man bun. The Hollywood icon has experimented with countless hairstyles over the years, but none quite match the sleek-yet-messy allure of this perfected bun. Whether gracing the red carpet in a tuxedo or lounging in sweats, Pitt effortlessly exudes style and confidence with this low-maintenance look—a testament to the versatility of the man bun for men on the go.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal brings the man bun back to its hipster origins with his striking combination of bun and beard. Gyllenhaal's affinity for the hairstyle runs deep, reportedly even requesting to wear the man bun in his role in "Nightcrawler." While achieving this look may require some patience in growing out the hair to the right length, the end result is undeniably worth it. For those seeking instant length and volume, our hair extensions offer a convenient solution to help you achieve your desired style in no time.

Justin Bieber

Never one to shy away from a bold hairstyle, Justin Bieber embraces the messy man bun with his signature flair. With the hair pulled up on top and the rest left loose in a carefree manner, Bieber's disheveled 'do exudes a laid-back charm that's full of potential. Despite its relatively small size, this messy man bun makes a big statement, perfectly encapsulating Bieber's effortlessly cool aesthetic.

David Beckham

David Beckham's man bun has become almost as iconic as his legendary skills on the soccer field. The athlete takes a unique approach by sleeking back all of his hair into a spiked bun, adding an edgy twist to the classic hairstyle. Beckham's signature move involves leaving the ends of his ponytail sticking out on top, giving his man bun a distinctive flair that sets it apart from the rest.

Brock O’Hurn

American model, actor, and fitness trainer Brock O’Hurn boasts one of the most majestic man buns in the game. Here, he effortlessly pulls his long locks back into a messy, textured bun for a casual yet undeniably stylish look. Paired with a dapper suit and bow-tie, O'Hurn's man bun serves as the perfect finishing touch, adding an element of rugged charm to his ensemble.

Joe Odagiri

Japanese actor and musician Joe Odagiri is no stranger to pushing the boundaries with his fashion and style choices, and his killer man bun is no exception. Here, he rocks the look with a relaxed, low bun and beard combination that exudes effortless coolness. Odagiri's rebellious spirit shines through in his choice of hairstyle, showcasing his willingness to embrace unconventional trends and make them his own.

Zayn Malik

Former One Direction heartthrob Zayn Malik takes a stylish leap with the man bun, showcasing an undercut variation of the trend. While Zayn may have parted ways with the boy band, his hairstyle continues to evolve, undergoing dramatic changes that keep fans on their toes. Here's hoping he keeps the man bun around as a staple in his ever-changing repertoire of looks.

Orlando Bloom

An early adopter of the man bun trend, young Orlando Bloom frequently rocked his hair pulled back in a sleek knot. The "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Lord of the Rings" actor may have opted for a more clean-cut style in recent years, but fans remain hopeful that he'll bring back the bun in the future. Bloom's effortless embrace of the man bun helped solidify its place in popular culture, leaving a lasting impression on style enthusiasts everywhere.

Bradley Cooper

Actor Bradley Cooper has been spotted sporting some premium bun-age, whether he's gracing a red carpet premiere or casually strolling through the streets of New York City. Cooper famously embraced the style after becoming a dad, effortlessly blending fatherhood with fashion by rocking the dad bun alongside his new baby. His take on the top knot features a small bun atop his head, with the rest of his hair flowing freely on the sides—a chic and practical choice for the modern dad. Cooper's effortless charm and impeccable style have made the dad bun just as much of a phenomenon as the dad bod, solidifying his status as a trendsetter both on and off the screen.

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