2023 Festival Hairstyles

It's festival season, and as we gear up for the much-awaited Coachella weekend, Fabulive is here to bring you the top festival hairstyles that will dominate your social media feeds! Last year, minimalistic festival fashion like Hailey Bieber's baby braids and effortless eyeshadow hues took center stage. This year, we anticipate a shift towards vibrant colors and maximalist vibes. Get ready to spot color blocking, sequins, and even cowboy boots at this year's Coachella! While you may have your outfits sorted, have you nailed down your hairstyles? Let's explore our favorite trending hairstyles achievable with Fabulive Hair Extensions to ignite your festival inspiration.


Coming in strong as the most versatile hairstyle that’s a festival favorite is the famous half up half down pigtails. One of our favorite looks for festivals because of the many options it gives. We love adding in our 16" or 20" Seamless Extensions to this hairstyle to give extra length and fullness. Using this style as a base and adding different elements to it with braids, buns, and tinsel extensions makes it a top choice for festival goers. We love pairing half up half down pigtails with braids for festivals as it's the perfect combo of fun and practical. You can also try half up half down space buns. To achieve this, divide your hair into two sections and tie them into buns on either side of your head. Curl your remaining hair into loose waves and add Clip-in Tinsel for a pop of color! You can also try adding glitter or 2 single wefts from our kit to make it more festive.


While Hailey Bieber's bob may be dominating your social media feed, long hair is making a comeback for festival season. Long locks reappeared on our radar a few summers ago and have remained a staple for some familiar faces like Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, and Kylie Jenner at major events. For the perfect festival hairstyle, consider pairing Fabulive's Classic 24” Clip-in Extensions with beachy waves. Elevate this look by incorporating baby braids into your front sections or opting for half up half down pigtails.

Concerned about maintaining your style throughout the day? Add our 20” Clip-In Ponytail to your hairstyle for added security while still achieving the diverse looks needed for your social media feed!


Embrace the ballet-core trend this festival season with bows! From Madison Beer to other notable celebrities, bows have become a standout accessory. Blending cottage-core charm with springtime vibes, bows offer a touch of femininity and softness, perfect for spring festivals. Justine Marjan showcased the 90’s-inspired Pam Anderson updo adorned with bows, as seen on Madison Beer, exemplifying this chic trend. If cottage-core isn’t your style, experiment with adding subtle ribbon accents to braids, buns, and the base of your Clip-in Ponytail Extension for added depth. For maximum impact, opt for vibrant hues like neon pinks, oranges, and greens to make your look truly stand out.


Without a doubt, braids reign as the ultimate festival hairstyle, offering both tidiness and style while providing TikTok-worthy looks. With a myriad of braid variations such as fishtail, French, or box braids, incorporating braids into your hairstyles or wearing them solo ensures a flawless look for all your upcoming festivals. Despite being a timeless hairstyle, braids remain a go-to choice beyond just the festival season. To achieve a festival-ready aesthetic, consider utilizing our 24” Classic Clip-in Extensions along with hair tinsel. Integrate the tinsel seamlessly into your extensions for an added touch of sparkle and glamour.


The Y2K style is making a massive comeback on social media, emerging as the standout trend of the year. Picture Avril Lavigne meeting Paris Hilton’s early 2000s flair – it's all about Juicy Couture tracksuits, bedazzled hair, and vibrant highlights making a triumphant return. This festival season, anticipate a revival of familiar trends reminiscent of your middle school years. To effortlessly capture the perfect Y2K vibe without a long-term commitment, consider incorporating colorful hair extensions for a subtle yet striking color pop. With 7 shades available to match your energy, you'll be festival-ready in no time. For the ultimate Y2K look, complement your style with our “Halo” featuring the perfect side part.

Pro tip: Utilize the two single wefts included in our Fabulive Halo as clip-in money pieces at the front of your hair or integrate them into space buns for added flair!


Tinsel hair extensions have taken the spotlight in the past year, emerging as the ideal accessory for festival season. Infuse your hair with a touch of glitter and sparkle effortlessly with clip-in tinsel extensions. These versatile extensions can be seamlessly incorporated into your ponytails, clip-in hair extensions, or any hairstyle you have in mind. The beauty lies in the ability to select a color that perfectly complements your mood for the day and interchange them throughout the festival weekend. Take cues from Chloe Cherry, who effortlessly rocks tinsel clip-ins, serving as the ultimate inspiration for festival weekend!


Elevate your festival ponytail with this eye-catching yet straightforward hairstyle we adore! Utilizing our 20” Clip-in Ponytail Extension, you can achieve a voluminous bubble ponytail that stays put all day while adding an extra touch of cuteness to your look! It's the perfect hairstyle that you can create in under 10 minutes, ensuring you make it to the main stage just in time!

With a myriad of trendy hairstyles and accessories available, festival season is the perfect time to experiment with your look and express your unique style. Whether you're rocking braids, bows, tinsel extensions, or bubble ponytails, Fabulive has all the tools you need to create standout festival-ready hairstyles. So, embrace your creativity, have fun with your hair, and make unforgettable memories at your next festival adventure!

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