Who Is the Best Makeup Artist in the World? Find Out the Top MUA List

Who Is the Best Makeup Artist in the World? Find Out the Top MUA List


Makeup has become one of the essential parts of the lives of a lot of people all around the world. The makeup industry is blooming and it is one of the biggest honors to become a celebrity stylist. Most of the budding makeup artists want to become successful and want to work for the celebrities. The makeup artists are the people who make celebrities look glamorous and influential. A makeup artist and a stylist have the biggest role in the life of any person who is a celebrity or wants to become a celebrity. Most of the big celebrities choose their makeup artists with a lot of caution and are not scared of paying big amounts so that they can look good. For the budding makeup artist the inspiration is always the celebrity makeup artists and the artists who have created their own brands with their hard work.

We have created a list of the top 10 best celebrity makeup artists who have made their name in the makeup industry and have created some of the most iconic looks for the celebrities. All of these makeup artists are on various online platforms such as Instagram and YouTube where you can find and watch their work and get inspired.

1. Mario Dedivanovic

Mario Dedivanovic! Who does not know this man? He is the person behind the looks of the reality TV star Kim Kardashian and is one of the biggest celebrity stylists in the world. He has also worked with celebrities such as Ariana Grande and much more. If you want to take some inspiration from his work. It is best that you follow him on his YouTube channel as well as on Instagram because that is where he posts all the looks that he has created.

2. Hung Vanngo

Hung Vanngo is one name that is without any doubt renowned in the fashion and makeup industry. He is the person who has created some of the most iconic looks for numerous celebrities. There are very few high ranking celebrities that he has not worked with. Some of his most famous clients include Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lawrence, Bella Hadid. Kendall Jenner and much more.

3. Pat McGrathreal

Pat McGrathreal is one person who is famous for creating some really interesting looks. Her style is really unique and this is the reason the celebrities love her. There is a lot of inspiration that a makeup artist can take from the work she does. She can make the quirkiest looks feel like really simple and attractive on the celebrities as well as models.

4. Hrush Achemyan

Hrush Achemyan is another name that is loved in the makeup industry. She has a long list of clients that include the Kardashians, Cassie, Leona Lewis and much more. She has collaborated with a lot of brands and the most prominent one of them is the STYLE BY HRUSH line which she created with the Tarte cosmetics.

5. Patrick Ta

If you are someone who follows models, you might know the name of Patrick Ta. He is the celebrity stylist and makeup artist for a lot of models out there. Olivia Munn, Gigi Hadid, Shay Mitchell and Chrissy Teigen are some of the celebrities that he has worked with. He is famous for giving the celebrities with the internal glow and making them look like they are goddesses. He constantly posts about the looks that he has created and also gives a lot of his opinion on all things makeup whenever he has time.

6. Sir John

Who wouldn’t want to follow the person who has created some of the best looks for Beyonce. Well Sir John is the person behind it. If you want to take inspiration from his work on his favorite client Beyonce, you should totally go follow him on social media. You can also find a lot of other celebrities in his feeds and derive inspiration from his work.

7. Emma Day

Emma Day is a London based makeup artist and she has worked with some of the biggest celebrities. She is the perfect example of how hard work can take you to the heights of your career. Some of her most notable clients include Karlie Kloss, Tom Hanks, Isla Fisher and much more.

8. Tom Pecheux

If you want to meet the person who is behind making the Victoria Secret Angels look really angelic, Tom Pecheux is the person you need to go to. He is also the makeup director of Estee Lauder. This means that he has worked with some of the biggest stars for magazines, photoshoots and also for the red carpet looks. He keeps on posting the looks that he has given to the models and behind the scenes of a photoshoot which you should follow.

9. Pati Dubroff

Pati Dubroff is the woman who is responsible for making celebrities such as Naomi Watts, Diane Kruger, Charlize Theron, Kate Bosworth and many more look like real goddesses. She has been working with models for a really long time and has done makeup for the photoshoots of a lot of different big magazines. She posts a lot of beauty wisdom on her feeds and this is the reason you should follow her.

10. Charlotte Tilbruy

Charlotte Tilbury is known for her work with the famous models and actresses. She has worked with Kate Moss, Cara Delevigne and much more. She is known for creating innovative looks for the celebrities and we can clearly see how amazing the celebrities she works with look. She has her own makeup line and you can find her posting pictures of her work on various social media platforms.

These are the top 10 makeup artists that have worked with a lot of celebrities. You can also be like them with some practice and skills. To become a famous makeup artist, you need hard work and innovation. You can learn makeup from these artists and also drive inspiration from the work they do.