Which Is the Types of Lipstick Should You Own?

Which Is the Types of Lipstick Should You Own?


Most of the women who do not have the idea about which lipstick color they should choose for themselves keep hording lipsticks and none of them suit them. So, it is important to have knowledge about the types of lipsticks available in the market. There is a wide variety of lipstick types that can be used by people of different skin tones and skin types. In this article, we will know all about the types of lipstick available in the market and also the type of finish they can give. We will also give some tips to follow while applying the lipstick.

Types of Lipstick

There are mainly four types of lipsticks available in the market. These are the four main types. However, there are also some types apart from these lipsticks and you can even choose if you like.

1. Crème Lipsticks

The first kind is the most common type of lipsticks that are the crème lipsticks. These come in the form of a bullet. The lipstick product is inside the bullets. You can either apply the lipstick directly on the lips or can choose to use a lipstick brush to apply the lipstick on your lips.

2. Liquid Lipsticks

The liquid lipsticks are the new trend in the market and have become the most favorite type of lipstick amongst the people. These come in the form of a liquid formula that can be applied with the help of the brush. The brush usually comes with the lipstick and provides easy application on the lips because it is small and thin in shape.

3. Lip Tints

The lip tints are another kind of lipsticks that are available. As the name suggests, these are not highly pigmented and can be used when you do not want a heavy makeup look. These lip tints are available in the form of liquid as well as cream. They are available in a variety of colors and usually give a shimmery finish to the lips. Currently, shimmery and metallic lip tints are in fashion.

4. Lip Crayon

The lip crayon looks just like a crayon that is used to draw. These are lip shades that need to be sharpened in order for them to be used. Some of the best makeup brands sell their own kinds of lip crayons. If you are someone who wants hassle free lipstick application, the lip crayons should be your choice.

Formulation and Finish

All of the above lipstick types come in different formulations and give a different finish to the lips. The finish is also very important in choosing the right kind of product. The finish is as follows:

1. Matt

Matt finish means that the lipstick will appear matt on your lips. This is one of the most famous finishes currently. All of the above kinds of lipsticks except for the lip tints are available in matt form.

2. Gloss

Gloss finish is the shimmery finish that gives a glossy look. This is usually available in the liquid lipsticks and lip tints.

3. Pearl, Frosted and Shimmer

Shimmer and pearl are two trends that are being used by makeup artists all over the world. All of these three are available in the form of cream lipstick, liquid lipstick and lip tints.

4. Sheer and Satin

The satin liquid lipsticks are the best kind of lipsticks for all kinds of skin types. These can be worn during the summers, the winters or any other season. The satin finish is also available in crème form and most of the brands create lipsticks in this form.

5. Moisturizing

The moisturizing formula of the lipsticks is usually available in all the three forms. Additionally, the moisturizing formula can be used to keep the lips hydrated and make them look fresh all day.

6. Long Lasting

Long lasting formula is for the women who want their lipsticks to last all day with just one application. This is available in all kinds of lipsticks types and is very useful for office going women.

Some Tips While Applying the Lipsticks

  • 1. Choose the lipstick shades according to your skin undertone. Most of the people fall under one of the three undertones and these are warm, cool and neutral. Once you know your undertone, you can ask the beautician at the makeup store to advice you more on which shades will flatter you the most.
  • 2. Always pick lipsticks from known brands. The known brands do not provide harmful products that can cause damage to your lips. Since lips are really sensitive and any damage to them can result in pigmentation, chaffing and bleeding.
  • 3. For women who are older, it is better to apply cream lipsticks more than any other kind that can attract attention to the lips. As women grow old, the lips get more wrinkled and you do not want to attract a lot of attention to the wrinkled lips.
  • 4. If you want your lipstick to last longer, you should first line your lips with a lip liner and then apply your lipstick on the inside with a brush so that the lipstick does not bleed. This should specially be done with the dark lipstick shades.
  • 5. If you have chapped lips, make sure that you exfoliate them with a damp towel or a damp tooth brush before applying any lipstick.
  • 6. To avoid over drying of your lips due to the matt lipsticks, make sure you apply a lip balm or a moisturizer on your lips before applying any lip color.
  • 7. If you have dry skin, do not apply matt lipsticks in the winters or in the weather when the air is drying.
  • 8. It is better to try the lipstick before you buy it. If you are not sure about which shade will actually suit you, make sure that you try the shade before you go and buy it in the stores.

With these tips and the information given above, you might have gotten enough knowledge about the various types of lipsticks available in the market. Make sure that you keep these tips in mind and buy your lipsticks from trusted brands. There are numerous herbal makeup brands also that can be used in case your skin is sensitive and might react to any chemical that is present in the makeup products available in the market.