Types of Eyeliners and Their Uses

Types of Eyeliners and Their Uses


Makeup is one of the most important things for the women in today’s times. The face makeup plays a big part in the lives of a lot of women. The trend of putting makeup on the eyes has been really old and eye liners are one of the necessities in any makeup kit. There is different type of eye liners available in the market and for the beginners it becomes really difficult to find the best eyeliner for them. Hence there is a need for the beginners to refer to a guide which can explain all types of eye liners. There are a few things that a person should consider before buying an eyeliner. These are things such as the quality of the product and the chemicals present in it. Since you will be applying the eye liner in a very sensitive part of your body, you will need to be careful.

Here is a list of all the types of eye liners and why you should buy them:

Liquid Eye Liner

The first on our list if the liquid eyeliners that are used by all the makeup experts. There is a variety of liquid eyeliners available in the market for the users. The liquid eyeliners are best for creating more detailed eye looks such as the cat eyes and the winged liner. However, the only thing that does not make this suitable for the beginners is the difficulty in application. It is really easy to go wrong with the liquid eyeliners. You need to have a firm hand while putting the eye liner which most of the newbie lack. Additionally, in most cases, liquid liners need time to dry out.

Gel Eyeliner

The gel eye liner is a recent addition in the eye liner types and this is one of the most useful types. The gel comes in a pot with a brush that can be used to apply the liner on the eyes. Depending on the gel, the eyeliners of this kind can be waterproof and smudge proof and give an intense look. Since there is a brush that comes with this eye liner, it is easy to work with it. Hence it is one of the recommendations for the beginners. The only problem is that the gel does not come off easy from the eyes and it can also dry off easily.

Pen Eye Liner

The next eyeliner type is the pen eyeliner. This is an interesting type of eye liner and is very easy to use. It comes with a felt tip that can be used to draw lines on the eyes. You can buy them in different colors. Its application feels just like applying a marker pen on the top of the eye. The only setback of this eyeliner is that it is quick drying and if not used with caution, the entire pen dries out quickly. Additionally, its longevity is also not very good.

Pencil Eye Liner

The last type is the most common type of eye liner and it is the pencil or stick eye liner. This can be used both as a liner and also on the water lines. It comes in the form of a pencil that has to be sharpened as well as a rolling stick. The application of eye liner with pencil eye liner is the easiest and hence even the beginners can buy it without any problems.

Tips While Picking Eye Liner

Although all of the above eye liners have their own advantages and disadvantages, all of these do their job properly. Now you need to decide which one do you need according to your choices. Here are some questions that you need to ask yourself before buying any eye liner:

What Is My Level of Expertise?

The first thing that is important to know while picking an eye liner is the level of expertise. The level of expertise means whether you are a beginner or a person who has been using eye liner for a while. Beginners usually do not have a steady hand on the eye liners and hence they need to use eye liners that can be easily applied on the eyes. In such cases the pen and pencil eyeliners are the best. If you want to go a little higher, using the gel eye liner is the next best choice. However, avoid using any liquid eye liner unless your hands are steady.

How Long Do I Need to Wear Eye Liner?

The next question you need to ask is how long you want to wear the eye liner. If you want to wear the eye liner for the entire day, it is better you pick waterproof and smudge proof eye liners. The pencil eye liners are seldom waterproof hence you can opt for the pen, liquid or gel eye liners. If you are someone who wears eye liner for a really short period of time, then you can opt for any eye liner as per your needs.

What Is the Climate of My Location?

The climate also plays a big role in picking the right kind of eye liner for you. If you live in the hot and humid climate, there is a bigger possibility that you will need waterproof makeup. Hence you can go for the waterproof and long lasting eye liners. However, if you live in places where the climate is cold, then the eye liners will last longer and even water resistant and smudge proof eyeliners can also be used in the place of any waterproof.

How Frequently Will I Be Using Liner?

Every eye liner has an expiration date. If you are someone who uses eye liner on a daily basis, then you can but any eye liner. However, if you want the eye liner for occasional uses, then you should only pick the pencil eyeliners since they last longer. Gel, pen and liquid eye liners have a tendency to dry out and become useless after a while.

After knowing about the different kinds of eye liners and the way to pick the best eyeliner for you, you can definitely buy the best eye liner from the best brand in the future. Getting the right eyeliner for yourself can be a big change in your look as well as your life. So, keep these things in mind and find the perfect eye liner for you and give your eyes a beautiful look.