Types of Eyebrow Makeup Products and How to Apply Them?

Types of Eyebrow Makeup Products and How to Apply Them?


Everyone wants to look their best and hence they pick the makeup products for them. The eye brows are one of the most important parts of the face and their shape can make your face look better or worse. There are many eye brow products available in the market that can be used to create dark and full looking eye brows and give the desired shape to the face. In this article we have given seven eye brow products that can be helpful. You can pick any one of them and use them on your brows.

Eye Brow Products

There are mainly seven types of eye brow products available for the people that want to shape their eye brows. The eye brow products are available in the natural shades and it is important that you buy the color that is the closes to your hair on the face. If you are new to makeup products, you can ask the seller at the beauty store to help you with picking the colors. Darker or lighter colors can make your eyebrows look bad. The products are as follows:

Eye Brow Pencil

An eye brow pencil is one of the most used eye brow product available in the market and also one of the easiest to use. The pencils can be used even by the beginners and they can make your eyebrows look natural as well add definition to the arches. The trick to work with the pencils is that you have to find the perfect color for your brows. Once you have done that, take your pencil and hold it firm. Not start from the beginning of the brow and stroke in the direction of the eye brow hair. Now go towards the last while drawing feather strokes on your eyebrows and once you are done, use a brush to set the eye brows in place

Eye Brow Pomade

The eye brow pomade is another product that most of the makeup artists use in their tutorial videos. This is the product that every person with bold brows uses and you can too. The formula of brow pomade is creamy and hence can hold your eyebrows in place. All you have to o is take an angled brush and dip it in the formula. Tap it at the back of your hand and then brush it with short and light strokes from the center of the brows. Now use a spoolie to soften at the edges of your brows. The brow pomade can be used by the people with sparse brows and get the most natural eye brows of all times.

Eye Brow Powder

The next product is the eye brow powder. Many people and makeup artists like to use the eye brow powder since they believe that it is the only product that can give them the perfect eye brows that they desire. Eye brow powder is one of the most versatile eye brow products. It can fill the gaps, give volume, and shape the eye brows and much more. You can get the bold as well as soft effect from the brow powder. The powder can also be used with the pencil to make the eye brow product last longer. Just take an angled brush and take some brow product. Now start with drawing the arches of your brow. Once you are done, come through your eyebrows and the take the spoolie brush to brush off the soft edges and to spread the product. If you see any space left, fill in it with the product.

Eye Brow Marker

If you have scarce eye brows or need eye brows that are dense, the eye brow markers are the best option for you to try. The eye brow marker is also best for the people with oily skin since the product is long lasting. The marker is really dark, so to make it look natural, you need to apply the marker with light hands to avoid over doing your eyebrows. This is also a product that is not meant for the beginners. Take the marker and start drawing strokes in the direction of the hair growth with light hands and you will get the brows that you always dreamt of.

Eye Brow Gel

The quickest way to add color and also set the eyebrows is the Eye Brow Gels. The only thing with the eye brow gels is that these cannot be used by the beginners. These are difficult to use and would need some practice before you try them out. If you have a set hand with the eye brow products, you should definitely go for the eye brow gels. Take a spoolie filled product separately and then start apply it on your brow with a brush. Use light strokes and comb backwards in the direction of the hair growth. This will give your brow an even and fuller look.

Eye Brow Wax

For the people who have brows that cannot be tamed should use the eye brow wax. These are the people who just have to tame their brows and give them a shape. They do not need coloring of any kind. The wax should be applied at the bottom of the brows and then with a brush it should be combed into the brow. If you have brows that are completely out of hand, you can also apply it at the top of your brows.

Colorful Brows

This is an extra brow product that can be used by people who want to try something new and different. The colorful brows have become the recent trend. These colors are different than the regular black, brown or blond that is actually the natural colors. These are colors from the rainbow. The application is similar to the other products and these are also available in the above given products.

You can pick out any eyebrow product from the above given products and can use them as per your needs. It is better to start with the most basic product that is the eye brow pencil and then you can go towards the powder and other brow products. Remember your brows are the most important part of your face that can give it the shape you desire and you should choose the product carefully.