Top Wedding Makeup Artist - Check Out These 10 Top Makeup Looks

Top Wedding Makeup Artist - Check Out These 10 Top Makeup Looks


Wedding makeup is the most requested makeup types by the makeup artists. Most of the brides want to look their best on their wedding days and want to feel like the center of attraction. For this they want their makeup to be the best. It is a difficult task for makeup artists to create a perfect bridal makeup look because you do not want to go overboard with the makeup but you also don’t want to make the bride look dull and washed out. There are different kinds of makeup looks available and most of the brides already have some preferences. Here is a list of top 10 bridal makeup looks that we have picked up for you to take some inspiration and include these in your next bridal makeup gig.

The Free Spirited Bride?

The bride who is free spirited needs this look. This is a boohoo look for the brides. The hair and makeup is done in a way that the bride looks effortless and chic. The look is kept pretty simple and the makeup artist has explained each and every step that has been used to create this bridal glam look. You can take some inspiration from it.

Bronze Bride Look?

Bronze makeup is in trend these days and this is the reason that the bronze bride look has been gaining a lot of popularity. This look suits the brides who have a darker skin tone. Make sure that you do not use a lot of bronze on the bride who has a fair skin tone or it will make them look pale and washed out. The look is perfect as it is but you are free to make changes.

Look for Evening Wedding?

The evening weddings require a completely different kind of wedding makeup in comparison to the day weddings. Hence this is a makeup look that will suit all kinds of brides having the evening makeup. You can obviously add some of your skills and change the color of the eye shadow as per the need of the bride. The rest of the makeup is perfect as it is.

Simple and Perfect?

The simple and perfect makeup look is for the bride who wants to look fresh without looking artificial. This makeup look just enhances the natural beauty of the bride and makes them look like the best natural version of themselves. The wedding ceremonies can be really tiring and this is the reason that the brides need to look fresh at all times. This wedding look will make you look fresh all throughout the ceremony.

Long Lasting Makeup?

For the brides who are having an outdoor ceremony or a ceremony on places that are hot and humid need long lasting makeup that does not budge at all. For this you need to see this amazing tutorial on long lasting bridal makeup. This tutorial will give you some tips on how you can let the makeup last for a longer time even if it’s the bridal makeup or the everyday makeup.

The Affordable Bridal Makeup Look?

This is for the brides who cannot afford high end brands. This affordable makeup look has been created with drugstore products. However, as you can see in the video, the makeup just turned out to be perfect and no one will be able to tell that you created a five star look on a budget. All the products have been mentioned in the description by the makeup artist.

The Smoky Eyes Bride?

Normally the brides do not go with the smoky eye look for their wedding. However, this smoky eye look is for the brides who want their eyes to stand out and look mysterious. The smoky eye is teamed up with bland makeup and nude lips. The makeup is all focused on the eyes and also has some amazing highlighting that makes the bride shine like a star.

Bold Makeup Bride?

For the brides who are not afraid to go all out with their makeup, this bold makeup bride look is the perfect for you. This makeup look includes heavy contour, glittery eyes and fluttering eye lashes. This makeup tutorial is a must for all the makeup artists who get requested for glittery eye makeup look for the bride. The makeup artist has described each step with easy instructions.

Amal Clooney Bridal Makeup?

Amal Clooney is one of the most famous celebrities in the world and her looks are loved by the people across the world. Brides also want to look just like her and here is a makeup tutorial that will make you look like her. This makeup tutorial is for the brides who want to shine like a celebrity on their wedding day. The makeup artist has use more of bronze and brown shades to make this look.

Natural Bride Makeup?

The natural bridal makeup look is for the brides who do not want to go for a really glittery and glamorous look but want look flawless. In this look neutral colors have been used. The makeup artist has used nude shades of eye shadow, a full coverage foundation and very light contouring has been done. The basic aim is to make the bride look as if she is glowing from within. Major emphasis has been made on the eye lashes and eye brows to make them stand out. The lipstick shade is also pretty neutral. .

These are some of the makeup looks that will make any bride look perfect. These makeup looks are also best for pictures. They will enhance the feature of the bride even more. You can also mix and match these looks and create a look that is unique as per the bride. Everyone has a different face and you should understand that even though these looks are really great, you will have to put in some work in order to make some changes according to the face of the bride and her skin tone. Also the dress is another consideration. Making innovations is truly the sign of a good makeup artist.