Top Tips for Hair Care Everyone Should Know

Top Tips for Hair Care Everyone Should Know


Hair care is one of the most talked about subject when it comes to beauty. Due to the excessive pollution in the air, hair gets excessively damaged. This is the reason that most men and women worry about their hair. Hair fall, dullness of hair, damage to the hair and much more can be the reasons for a lot of trouble for a person. People have different kind of hair and each kind needs some care. If you are not serious about caring for your hair, it is not possible for you to maintain them just like they were before.

If you are looking for some hair care tips that can help you in making your hair better, this article will help you. Here we have given 12 hair care tips that can change your hair from dry and dull to lustrous and attractive.

1. Avoid Washing with Hot Water

This is one of the things that most of us know and yet avoid in most cases. Make sure that you do not wash your hair with hot water. Always use lukewarm water to wash your hair even if it is extremely cold outside. Make sure you do not wash your hair with extremely cold water as well. The excessive heat and cold can damage the quality of your hair.

2. Comb Before Washing

The next step is to comb your hair before washing it. This way there will be no tangles in your hair when you wash it and hence there will be lesser breakage of hair. Most of the hair that breaks from our head is in the shower and hence to avoid this, you should comb your hair before washing it.

3. Oil Before Washing

The best way to pre-condition your hair is by oiling it before you wash it. Rub some oil on your hair and massage the scalp thoroughly for some time. Let the oil sit in your hair for about an hour and then wash your hair. The oil will condition your hair and hence your scalp will not get dried while washing.

4. Apply Conditioner to The Tips

One of the biggest mistakes that most people make is that they apply the conditioner to the roots. This makes the roots weak and causes breakage. It is not the fault of the conditioner but you have been applying it wrong. Apply the conditioner only on the tips. If you want some more coverage, then apply it at the center part of the hair as well. However never apply the conditioner on the roots unless you are looking for hair damage.

5. Be Gentle While Drying

Drying through a towel can also cause hair loss if not done properly. Do not rub the towel on your hair in a rough manner. You should use soft towels for your hair and it should be different one than your body. Take the towel and place it on your hair in a way that it soaks up all the water. Do not tug on wet hair.

6. Don’t Wash Every Day

Never wash your hair every day. You should keep a gap of 3-4 days if you have long and thick hair and you should have a gap of at least one day if you have short and oily hair. Washing hair every day can cause excess production of sebum which will eventually make it even oilier.

7. Blow Dry with Precautions

We would like to advice you that blow drying can cause split ends and burning of your hair. Hence avoid it as much as possible. However, if you still have an emergency, blow dry your hair at medium heat and keep the dryer away from your hair so that there is no direct contact with the warm air.

8. Never Comb Wet Hair

Combing wet hair can make them break in large numbers. The hair is weak once you have washed it, if you use a comb on them, they will start falling and you will experience a lot of hair fall.

9. Minimize Heat Styling

Avoid heat styling as much as possible. Just like the heat drying, heat styling can burn your hair, make them lusterless and also create split ends. If you do not want any of these problems, do not heat style. If you still want to do it, use heat protection spray.

10. Protect Hair from The Sun

The UV not only harms your skin but it can also do a lot of damage to your hair. Hence you need to be careful. Always wear a scarf or a cap when going out in the sun and invest in a hair sunscreen. Make sure you do not go out in the sun with oily or wet hair.

11. Don’t Tie Hair Tightly

One of the habits most women have is that they tie their hair really tightly. They use really tight bands. This can cause pulling of the hair from their roots and eventually breakage.

12. Use Home Remedies

You can use homemade conditioners such as olive oil and massage it into your hair for a lustrous look You can apply apple cider vinegar, egg and olive oil on the hair as a hair mask for dry and damaged hair. If you have dull hair, apply yoghurt on the hair and leave it for 20 minutes. Shampoo your hair and you will have lustrous hair. If you have split ends, apply some heena mixed in avocado oil, egg and water to your hair. Leave it for 2 hours and wash with lukewarm water. You can also include some foods such as proteins, citrus fruits, dry fruits and nuts, carrots, green leafy vegetables and other such things in your diet. The better your diet, the better will be your hair.

These tips will surely help you in getting the flawless hair that you had always imagined off. Now you do not have to go to expensive salons to get your hair treated, all you need to do is take some home based products and apply it in your hair. Furthermore, you can avoid damage to the hair just by taking care of it in the day to day life. If you keep the small things in mind, you will not have to invest a lot of money and you will have good looking hair in no time.