Teenagers Makeup Tips and Tricks to Look Fresh and Beautiful

Teenagers Makeup Tips and Tricks to Look Fresh and Beautiful


Teenage is the time in a girl’s life when there is a lot of pressure from all the directions. You need to think of your career, your social status, your health and on top of that you have to deal with all the new changes that your body is going through. This is the age when most of the teen-girls start trying out new makeup trends and making themselves look pretty. This is the time of experimentation with makeup. You will have to go through a lot of stages to find the perfect makeup for you. However, every teen girl needs some guidance with her makeup so that she does not have to go through the tough phases in her life.

We have listed down some basic makeup tricks and tips that if used on a regular basis can be really helpful in forming the perfect look for your face and can also make you look your best at school and other events that you will visit.

1. Pre-Makeup Skin Care Is Important

The first thing to keep in mind which most of the teens ignore because they naturally have good skin is the pre-makeup skin care routine. You need to take care of your skin so that it does not get damaged in the years to come. So, before you apply any makeup on your skin, it is better you clean your face properly with a cleanser and then try to put on any product. Furthermore, exfoliate your skin regularly to take away all the dead cells and to keep your skin fresh.

2. Moistuturization is Important

Moisturization is a very important step of makeup. You need to moisturize your skin before you put on any makeup on it. Make sure that you give your moisturizer the time to sit on your skin before you start applying layers of makeup on it. Use a moisturizer that has SPF so that your skin is safe from the harmful UV rays when you are in school. Also make sure that you carry your moisturizer to the school in case you need to re-apply it on your face after washing it.

3. Prime That Face

Since you will be at school for long hours, it is a possibility that your makeup might get smudged and you might not be able to touch it up again and again. So you will have to use products that can help you in keeping your makeup last longer. Primer is a great way to help your makeup last longer. You should apply primer right after the moisturizer and then apply the makeup right on top of it. This way it will stay longer and you will be able to look your best the entire day.

4. Makeup for Glasses

This tip is for the beautiful girls who wear glasses. If you wear glasses, there is always a chance that your makeup would smudge off. This does not mean that you have to refrain yourself from wearing any kind of makeup. You just need to do some things right and you will look flawless even in your glasses. The first is wear less makeup. Try to wear brighter lip shades if you want to wear a lot of makeup. Additionally, you can also wear waterproof eye makeup and lighter foundations so that no smudging happens.

5. Concealer Is Your Best Friend

We have all had long nights of making projects or studying for an important test and woken up with puffy eyes or dark circles. On these days, a concealer can be your best friend. Apply the concealer under your eyes and hide those dark circles. On the days when you have an important class presentation or a date with your crush and a pimple appears on your face, that’s the time you should use your concealer.

6. Use BB Cream

You cannot wear foundation to school every day. So, you can use BB Cream instead and look your best on all school days. The bb cream will make your face look even and will also hide any imperfections. You can opt for a matt finish bb cream so that you look natural.

7. Lip Gloss is Your Best Friend

You can not wear lipstick to school every day. So, lip gloss is your best friend at school. You can buy a tinted lip gloss. You can also buy a lip gloss that is shimmery and wear it. Even if you only wear some mascara and lip gloss and your look will be complete. A good lip gloss is very important. You can also get a lip gloss with SPF to protect your lips from the UV Rays.

8. Foundation Shades Matter

One mistake every beginner makes is picking the wrong shade of foundation and concealer. It is better that you go to a makeup store and get yourself a foundation that will suit your skin tone. Any foundation or concealer that is darker will make you look dull and brighter will make you look too bright. You need to find a balance.

9. Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

You are in your tees so you have a lot if space to experiment with your makeup. Do whatever you like and feel confident about it. This is the time when you find yourself and the kind of makeup you would like to wear in the future. Hence there is nothing wrong with a little experimentation.

10. Always Wash Off

Make sure that you always wash your face after you get back home or get to bed. You need to let your screen breath. So wash and moisturize your face before you go to sleep.

As a school student it is obvious that you would not be able to wear a lot of makeup to school except on special occasions. Hence you can opt for the no makeup look to look fresh, hide your blemishes and pimples that teens mostly have. You can opt for the heavier makeup look for the parties and other events. Since you are still in your teenage, you will obviously have the best skin years of your life, hence you should not be wearing a lot of makeup. The only aim with your makeup should be to enhance your features and to look fresh. However, as we have said, it is not wrong to experiment. Hence do whatever make you happy while following all the rules.