Makeup School 2018 - How Fabulive Changed the Way a Makeup Artist Shares His Skills

Makeup School 2018 - How Fabulive Changed the Way a Makeup Artist Shares His Skills


When the industrial revolution 4.0 was introduced, most of the world started using internet. With years, the use of internet increased to a point that now everything we want is just a finger tap away. Technology keeps advancing and people keep getting new models of smartphones and computers. This way, 2018 has been one of the most technologically advanced years. Makeup is an essential part of the lives of the people and learning makeup is the dream for a lot of people. Both makeup and technology combined can create a good amalgamation which is beneficial to all the people in the world. Hence, the online makeup academy, Fabulive was created. Fabulive is a platform that combines the advantages of technology with the makeup. People who want to share their makeup skills are welcomed to the website so that they can showcase their talent.

The makeup that we learn today is much more different that we did a decade ago and so is the way it is taught. In this article, we will be discussing about how Fabulive has been a huge influence in the way makeup is taught in today’s time. We will also discuss the difference in the ways makeup schools used to be in 2000s and how they are in the present 2018. We will also be talking about the advantages of using Fabulive for the teachers as well as the learners.

What Was a Makeup School in 2000s?

Makeup schools in the old times were much more traditional. The schools were usually like the other schools where makeup was taught to the students in physical classrooms and the teacher gave their lectures every day. The makeup courses lasted from 1 week to about a year, depending on what kind of makeup the students were learning. The students were made to learn all the skills before they could pass the exam and get the certification. Most of the courses are still active and these certifications can be taken if the makeup artist or the person who wants to become a makeup artist wants a certificate to prove that he or she has certain makeup skills.

What Does a Normal Makeup School Teach in Classes?

The normal makeup schools that were really common in 2000s taught makeup techniques. A course was developed and every person attending the school was considered a beginner. However, the level that was taught to the students was based on the kind of course they had opted for. Basic techniques were taught in the starting and as the time passes more complicated makeup and beauty techniques were taught. Even today, this is how the classes are taken. The teacher demonstrates how the application of makeup is done and the class has to follow it. The technique of teaching can vary from school to school and the teacher to teacher. But the major emphasis of one on one class is that the students get all the practice they need to learn the application of makeup easily.

How Fabulive Created the School Of 2018?

Although the makeup schools in the past or the normal makeup schools are a great place for a person to learn makeup, it is not always accessible to all the people. Hence Fabulive created an online makeup school 2018. The school of 2018 let the teachers from all over the world share their talent with the people who wanted to learn. This way the students could benefit from the classes for free and the teachers could earn something back for the work they had put in. The major focus was the audience who does not have the resources to go to a proper school. The students do not have to leave their homes. All they need to do is use the platform as a way to learn more about makeup and its application. This is the best way on which the people can learn. Additionally, it was also considered that most of the people who cannot afford to get into a makeup school could not afford to have a computer. Hence the classes are made available even on the smart phones. The students can take their smart phones and go on the classes they want to and learn all the makeup techniques. This innovative makeup technique has made learning easy and affordable.

The Globe Has Gotten Smaller with the Innovative Fabulive

With the innovation of Fabulive, the globe has gotten much smaller and the people are able to access all the content they need from the comforts of their homes. This is the reason that most people who wanted to become a makeup artist and could not do it are able to peruse their dreams in all parts of the world. Bringing together the internet and makeup artists from all around the world has made Fabulive one of the most innovative products in the field of makeup.

Creators Can Share Skills and Make Money

The creators can share their skills and simultaneously make some money from the work they do. This way, they can make sure that they are motivated to create the content that is liked by the people all around the world and the content that is can be useful for the men and women who want to learn more about makeup. Since money is the biggest motivator, it is important that the creators are paid for the hard work they do and for the hours they put in during the creation of the content for the learners.

Fabulive is a platform that has given makeup learning a new meaning. This is truly the innovation that was required in 2018 where things have already become fast paced and advanced. People need to learn more and more about this platform so that there can be more teachers and the students from the whole world can be taught the art of simple as well as complex makeup. Join the Fabulive community if you are a makeup learner and enjoy its numerous benefits.