Yves Saint Laurent

La Laque Couture Nail Lacquer


10 reviews


$ 36.60


  • 10ml/0.34oz


73 Noir Over Noir

  • 73 Noir Over Noir

Reviews (10)

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  • helen

    2 months ago

    Will buy again It works even greater than I expected. I had to use 4-5 layers of polish after applying it then a clear top coat for finishing so that it can last for a while. As for this laquer I’ve used not more than two coats and I have not seen any fading or chipping. I will definitely buy this product again.

  • belinda

    2 months ago

    Looks great as they describe this product lasts that long,,, it really did. Suppose you might have a very busy schedule for a week, you need not worry because this nail lacquer by Yves Saint Laurent looks great during a long period of time.

  • tuta

    2 months ago

    Exceptional gloss what a wonderful fun to see my nails with an exceptional gloss and a highly pigmented color with supreme hold. I feel myself more than just good at my work. It’s a reason to smile each time I look at my nails)))

  • brenda

    2 months ago

    Creamy texture Truly, this product requires no further explanation concerning it. I’m impressed by this creamy texture and how it makes my nails look great even while applying it.

  • andrea

    2 months ago

    Very fine and intact I am greatly pleased at how the delivery was done. I ordered 3 days ago and I was informed that I will get my product before the end of today and it reached very fine and intact