L.A. Lights Blendable Lip & Cheek Color


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$ 42.00


  • 5g/0.17oz

Reviews (9)

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  • meme

    3 months ago

    Semi-sheer coverage The sun-kissed tint and lovely silky texture that has a semi-sheer coverage is more than enough to shine. It looks expensive but when you purchased it, you will definitely understand why the price is set to be so. After all, beauty is not pocket friendly.

  • iris

    3 months ago

    Acts as an ideal shade I hope the manufacturer is never planning to cease producing my fav, it really fits me perfectly and acts as an ideal shade to complement my Indian skin!

  • swaleh

    3 months ago

    Natural moist color I wasn’t a fun of makeup all along but the moment I encountered this product, things have changed. I never used it before but simply just made a try. After the first application, the way it blended with the skin to give a natural moist color made me hooked! I am definitely going to use it as my daily dose )))))))))))

  • sanuri

    3 months ago

    Perfect for the lips, cheeks… great product! perfect for the lips, cheeks and sometimes, I add it to the outer part of the eyelids. With this amazing product, you are free to go! I love the multiple colors that you can select on. For me, I have an African light brown skin; I ‘ve chosen Sunset and wine color that work perfectly for me. It looks great!

  • minyee

    3 months ago

    Great product forever av always preferred the smashbox di-purpose lip and cheek color especially the one inspired by the light from L.A.’s “magic hour”. Great product for today, tomorrow and ultimately the future