Be Legendary Liquid Lip


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  • seid

    3 months ago

    Educative tutorials I purchased this product and downloaded the respective tutorial to enhance my understanding of the product usage. I am now conversant with the various styles that I can implement when applying. Surely, fabulive has really ensured the effectiveness of their products by coming up with these tutorials. Great work, guys!!!!

  • maisha

    3 months ago

    From rough to smooth lips When I looked at my lips in the mirror I can sincerely tell that there is a great improvement before I started to apply this product…. I’ve been using it for two weeks already, and yes, the effect it has on my lips is great. They were rough but now are very, very smooth! Try it yourself and you won’t regret!

  • minyee

    3 months ago

    The feeling does not fade easily Wow! I applied this lipstick today and I feel my lips are so soft and smooth. More importantly, they have remained to be that soft since morning. The feeling does not fade easily ….it’s a plus. Still, I have covers the lipstick 3 times to get the color though in general I...usually apply only twice. it’s a maximum.

  • iris

    3 months ago

    Long lasting softness This is the best lipstick i’ve ever used. I really understand how important this product is. My lips are ever soft even when I have not applied the product. Please try out and you will see the same perfect results.

  • sanuri

    3 months ago

    Two in one liquid lip color I am extremely blown by this Be Legendary Liquid Lip. I have never encountered a two in one liquid lip color ever since i started using lipstick. It is really awesome for this generation which is made up of perfectionists like Fabulive