Sigma Beauty

F06 Powder Sweep Brush


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  • thai

    2 months ago

    Precisely worked out My 2 year old kid messed up with my brush which I have been using for so long. I then decided to try the products available here at Fabulive. I look for one that will really work well when I apply makeup and there I got Sigma Beauty F06 Powder Sweep Brush. It precisely worked out well and sweeps away setting powder. In general, I LOVE LOVE IT!!!

  • ray

    2 months ago

    Needs more bristles this product works great however I find it does not hold enough powder. It needs more bristles in my opinion. But if you are really looking for a light coating then this product is perfect for you.

  • shakira


    Not thinking of quitting soon I use this sigma beauty brush for everything. Oiling bowls for dough proofing and other beauty activities. It really serves me good and am not thinking of quitting soon

  • bebito

    2 months ago

    Quality and design of the brush matters For me it's the best brush to sweep away powder access powder or eyeshadows and do it mildly. It works best under the eyes area. it is also the perfect tool to apply bronzers and blushes as well. absolutely love it!

  • mitchie

    2 months ago

    Know the type of your skin do not be duped by all the positive reviews you have seen here. You need to know the type of your skin. I bought it thinking that it will be distributing the powder evenly on my face but the moment I used it, it sweeps away everything and I had to start using my older brush again.