Larger Than Life Lip Gloss


9 reviews


$ 31.79


  • 6ml/0.19oz


Penny Arcade

Reviews (9)

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  • bella

    2 months ago

    100% quality product I am 100% hooked to this website. All the products that you need for your makeup are all here for you! I generously rate it 5 star

  • maryanne

    2 months ago

    A nice scent the scent of this product has greatly blown me. Its smell and the pleasant feeling last throughout the day. This makes you feel so fine and confident….cool!

  • scovia

    2 months ago

    Fine texture what a fine texture and an endless feeling. Once I apply this product in the morning I do not need to apply it once again. It stays till I get back from my work place. I truly recommend this to the ladies who are not fond of applying lipstick several times during the day

  • petite_47

    2 months ago

    Great lip gloss this lip gloss was presented to me last year as a Christmas gift and it is now getting finished. I just checked the price and it surely worth it. I have used it and I know how well it can make you feel so good. Great lip gloss! I’m a lucky person…..Christmas is coming soon )))))))))))))))

  • maureen

    2 months ago

    Layer it to shine I love this gloss, you can apply it alone or as a layer after using a lipstick. I always find myself applying it daily just to keep the smell on my lips. I like the way my lips shine.