Laura Mercier

Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation


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  • helen

    3 months ago

    Prettiest and healthy glow Laura Mercier foundation is very natural. I love it so much whenever I wear it because it gives the prettiest and healthy glow. it is very ideal for ladies who like the heavily scented products that last 24/7

  • salome

    3 months ago

    Built for warmth and freshness it really has a nice texture and very easy to apply even for a novice. my skin is of oiler kind and this fluid adds a bit of warmth and freshness. i recommend 5C1 Nutmeg color for those who have the same skin nature as me

  • diane

    3 months ago

    Can be layered This foundation can be layered and the desired effect can be achieved. My skin is so sensitive to different beauty products, that’s why I’m careful while choosing them but for Laura Mercier showed up so well. LOVE IT! Still I use a bit lighter color than I’ve received. In general good.

  • scoch

    3 months ago

    Extremely smooth This is a very perfect fluid for my cool and fair skin tone because it has some excellent qualities: it is like a butter when you apply it..and the texture of this fluid is extremely smooth. Still, I don’t like the package. When the product was delivered to me...i don’t know what happened there, but it was crumpled.

  • shammah

    3 months ago

    Very pleasant scent I purchased the Laura Mercier some 2-3 weeks ago. I am 62 with a fairly normal skin (not oily, not dry) but after applying this fluid to my skin I have got it very effective. my skin is becoming smoother and smoother when I apply it. Not to forget, it has a very pleasant scent.