Golden Glow Bronzer


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  • 13g/0.45oz


010 Caribbean Ochre

Reviews (9)

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  • petite_47

    2 months ago

    Glides on softly and smoothly a great product for shading and doing contrast. I am so impressed by how it glides on softly and smoothly.

  • scovia

    2 months ago

    Contains gold undertones responsible for refinement of the skin I cannot say enough about this bronzer as it has always given me a great look in my day to day activities. I am really glad that I did not make a wrong selection while I was choosing this product. Through the daily usage, I have come to realize that it contains gold undertones that are responsible for the absolute refinement of your skin. Highly recommended!

  • bella

    2 months ago

    Accuracy important! the website is doing great job to ensure that the products we need are always presented so that we can order and they deliver. I have no problem with the marketing and the delivery. The delivery is on time but the product delivered is what makes me get worried. I ordered for 010 Caribbean Ochre but the product I received is 030 Indian Sand. They are almost similar but accuracy is important for me.

  • scoch

    2 months ago

    The best makeup for rough skin what a smooth and flawless finish. I am deeply moved by the way my skin has started changing; from rough to smooth and now from dull to shiny. Cant stop using it because it really worth every penny of it

  • maureen

    2 months ago

    A very amazing delight this bronzer smells so AMAZING and it works great when used appropriately. For effective application, I watched the respective tutorials so that I can understand the various techniques that one can use for better results.