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  • bella

    2 months ago

    Good coverage Clinique is my favorite brand. As for the foundation, it is of a good color and has a good coverage. Interestingly, it acts as a moisturizer and very blendable to the skin. I would buy it again and again.

  • meme

    2 months ago

    Blends naturally It is a very excellent one that blends naturally. Truly, people would not easily notice that you are wearing a makeup. In fact, it is very ideal for anyone who attends official events

  • iris

    2 months ago

    Natural complexion I love the way this makeup spreads on leaving a smoother looking and a natural complexion that stays fine during the rest of the day. It is does not contain annoying fragrance or irritants. In general, it is a perfect one for all women. Simply choose the color according to your preference.

  • swaleh

    2 months ago

    Fit for casual occasions it is really beautiful and comfortable to wear. Suppose you are in casual occasions most of your time then this product is perfect for you. it suits all types of skins and what is more important, this foundation does not cause irritation if you have a sensitive skin

  • sanuri


    Lasts long I like this foundation. It looks astonishing. The colors are multiple and you can choose that one that suits your skin color. Also, it lasts long hence no need to apply multiple times during the day