Christian Dior

Fix It Backstage Pros Concealer


9 reviews


$ 47.40


  • 3.5g/0.12oz

Reviews (9)

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  • petite_47

    2 months ago

    Amazing performance I am so pleased that this product has not let me down. I have been trying different brands but none has ever worked like this. I have a very rough skin with some dark spots that have been present since my childhood. Truly, I never thought of getting a product that will make this defects invisible but now it is here with me doing its amazing performance on my skin. If you are still in doubts, just try…..and see how it works

  • scovia

    2 months ago

    Applies so smooth it applies so smooth and does not get caught in any lines or wrinkles. A great product.

  • bella

    2 months ago

    Good quality wow! Thin veil with great coverage

  • scoch

    2 months ago

    Heavier and drier I wanted to love this product but now I am not! Every time I use it, it dries out my skin….I think the product is heavier and yet drier than it is expected be… sister is in love with this product. Really strange cause we bought it here. Suppose you should try it yourself to find out of it suits you or not...

  • maureen

    2 months ago

    Best website I had attended a beauty college some years ago and I have never had a chance of practicing the skills I gained and to some extent, I have forgotten some important concepts. Upon watching the various tutorials, I am now a fully trained professional. I wished I had come across this website earlier but as said “I wish…always come later.”