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Capture Totale Dreamskin Perfect Skin Cushion SPF 50 Refill


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Reviews (8)

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  • swaleh

    3 months ago

    It perfects! I really enjoy applying this product because it gives me a very healthy glow. I applied to the parts where there were redness and pores. as a result, it worked out so well and I can say that it perfects where necessary

  • minyee

    3 months ago

    Creamy powder I prefer creamy powder. This is exactly what I have been looking for. Also, there was a color selection and as for me i like the darkest (color 030). it actually looks great

  • andrea

    3 months ago

    Strong delight Ok, I am going to explain why I have this product a 3 star and not 5. The Longoza Scent is so strong; it exceeds the limit...but.. it wears out after a couple of minutes. Miracles... still, t at the beginning it was dope. if you do not mind the scent as I do then you will definitely like it at once!

  • lucia

    3 months ago

    Tightly packed Good quality and good delivery. In addition, it is tightly packed but the scent never ceases to penetrate through the air. A clear sign that it is going to last as you apply it

  • iris

    3 months ago

    Very natural I was very excited to try out this product. I have a light skin and as a result I decided to choose the darker color so that it can show up strongly. It really showed up very natural but not to my expectation and that is why I gave this product a 4 star