Bobbi Brown

Glow Stick


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  • 7g/0.24oz

Reviews (7)

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  • thai

    3 months ago

    Soft shimmer and flat finish love the name but it is also the best lip highlighter to give you a soft shimmer and flat finish. It glides on so easily and you can feel the moisture. Wear it over a lipstick and on its own…it will still give you an exclusively natural look

  • ray

    3 months ago

    So ideal for an office wear Love the feeling on my lips now. The scent and the lip color are so ideal for an office wear. The only thing that I would recommend is the packaging. It gets messy after the first application and I had to use my old package to store it. Packaging the only minus, that I can mark in this product.

  • shakira

    3 months ago

    Feels neutral and very penetrating I have a chronic dry lips from the daily use of some facial products and I always think twice when it comes to selecting one. After checking the description and the look of this product, I decided to give it a try and it did wonders. I need to use it less than all other products I have purchased in over 5 years. It exclusively feels natural and very penetrating. I can’t apply makeup without this item now

  • bebito

    3 months ago

    Repairs dry and cracked lips this definitely the best highlighter you could ever buy. It will recover your dry, peeling, and cracked or red irritated lips as it keeps them soft and nice. I have tried many out there and this one is like no other.

  • mitchie

    3 months ago

    Silky smooth This product is really dope, it has been pretty cold and dry in the southern Spain recently, as a result my lips painfully chapped. This highlighter works wonderfully! It has restored them and now my lips are silky smooth